March 19 2012

I am sorry for not keeping up with this blog. I have been sick and resting every chance I’m not on the go ministering to the people of SA. Also, the community computer has been missing in action for a few days. Now it’s back and I find myself “home alone”. LOL, That is odd. there is usually always several people around this time of night. Hummm maybe a lion got them? Oh well. I have been hand journaling in my notebook of all that has happened the last few days. I will try to get that information onto this blog soon. It is hard for me to remember ALL that has happened especially since being sick. I do want to thank everyone who has been praying for me, I really appreciate your prayers and I ask that you will continue to pray.

I can remember very well what we did on Saturday…….We interacted with the elephants…. I enjoyed that so much! I got to touch, feed, lay on, and sit on an elephant! THey are even cooler than I thought! Then I got to go for a ride on one. I asked the trainer if I could ride on the largest one and he let me….Talk about the thrill of a lifetime! I* just wish I felt better.

Sunday was a great day we went to the DelCramer center for Church again. There were about 15 people there to be baptized. Most of them teenagers. There was also one young lady who asked Jesus into her heart right there in front of all of us. It was fantastic! Before Church was over, we went into the kitchen to make bologna sandwiches. Now you have to remember this is SA, bologna is not the same here as it is at home… We took bread slathered margarine (yellow oil) on both pieces, sprinkled a on few pieces of shredded cheese (while it lasted), and one slice of bologna that had the consistency of mush then sliced it in half. How would you like to have a sandwich like that? Oh yea, we gave them an apple and some juice with it!  Well, These people are so grateful for all they have gotten. For so many of them that meal that we would turn our nose up to is the only descant meal they have had in days. I filled up a platter with apples and yummy sandwiches and went out to serve the adult who were waiting for the kids to finish eating. It was an honor to serve them and see the expressions of gratitude on their faces.After we left the center we drove a very long way to someplace south of J-berg. We spent the night at the GBS Foundation ( I didn’t get what the GBS stands for). We wanted to stay the night there because we had a vision outreach in the morning.

OK, I am up today. Our accommodations were not as nice as what we were used to. But I for one am a happy camper to  have gotten a good nights sleep. Didn’t really care to much about the bugs in the room and that the air smelled like a horse barn that hadn’t been cleaned in weeks….LOL, I heard that from my bunk mate. And when she went to climb up into her bunk, She almost pulled the whole thing on top of her. But it was all good!  It was also a very long morning /afternoon. They thought we would see about 200 people, but it turned out that many more than that came. We were running out of glasses. One of the first people I got to talk to was a 32 yr old man who was Hindu. He informed me of that and added that he was not Christian. Well you know me….I couldn’t resist the challenge. I was not able to pray the sinners prayer with him, but he sure is thinking about it! He said that he wants to read the Bible first before he makes that decision. He also said that his landlord is a Christian and so are some of his friends. That was a great conversation though! I talk to so many more and once again was touched by how content these people are as long as they know Jesus!

It is now 8:22 pm and I am exhausted as usual. Good night to you all, I mean good day to you all (because its around 1:23 in the afternoon for you)! Love  and miss you!


Wed. March 14th

Bright and early this morning, well not so bright, sun was not up yet. We drove for what ever seemed like hours and hours to a Pastors Conference. Three of us did the eye exams for the Pastors and two spoke. It was a very long day and very very hot! So hot that I had another problem with being over heated. I think I’m ok now, just extremely tired, light headed and I have a headache. I just finished with dinner and I have been drinking tons of water now I need to go to sleep. I will try to post more on Thursday.

Love you!

Tuesday 13th 2012

Another day, a beautiful day, a day that we can rejoice in. Yes I am tired, but I am loving it! Last night I was able to minister to one of my team members and I was like a veil was lifted from her eyes. I was able to pray with her and answer questions she had been wondering about for a long time. This morning we went back to Northern academy for another vision outreach. This time we had 11th graders. What a great bunch of kids. All of them that I talked to know the Lord and love the Lord with all their hearts. The minute I began talking to them about the Lord the lit up with excitement! there was only one young man (17) who, when I asked, said no. He continued to tell me that he had heard about Jesus but was not ready to  ask Jesus to forgive him. I asked him if I could ask him why. He said yes and told me why. When he finished, I told him what the Lord was leading me to tell him, He began to ask me more questions. When I was finished I asked him if he was ready yet. He said that hes not sure, but what I said made much sense. Then I asked him what would happen to him if he were to die today. He sat up and said that he would be going to hell. I asked him if that is what he wanted to do. He said no. Then then I said that today can be the first day of his new life in Christ and that he will for sure go to heaven when it is his turn to die. Then he said that he believes what I told him and he wants to be with Jesus. We then prayed and now the angels are rejoicing! A friend of his asked him why he was talking to me for so long, He said to her ” I have prayed to Jesus to be my Savior” She looked at him and squealed with joy! This was a fantastic day!!!!

After the NA, we went back to Del Cramer to help feed the children, that was so much fun. while others played with the kids and taught them songs I helped get the lunch ready. Then I got to serve the kids. After lunch they got to sing, water color and play with bubbles while we cleaned up. When it was time to go they were all going to get a banana. Again I got to serve them but this time I said “nope! I get a big hug before you get a banana!” they all giggled and gave me a hug and got their banana. TAhey even all gave me an extra one a few minutes later!

Now we are back at camp getting out dinner ready and resting.

Love you!

March 12,2012

Yesterday, Sunday was a fantastic day. Up early headed for Church at the DelCramer center. I helped in children’s church which was great. They were learning about baptisim. By the end of service there were eight children who wanted to be baptised. This will take place next Sunday I am glad I will get to participate. After service we cooked and served the people who came. After lunch we passed out rag dolls to the children. They were so excited! This center we were at is the same one I helped build last year. It is beautiful! They also built a building for the bathrooms. It is amazing how much work got done since I was here last.
Last night we went on safari to Entibeni. Guess what I got to see! Yes, my friends the pachyderms …all ten of them again. When we spotted them they were far away so our driver decided to try to corral them closer to us. It worked, I was very exited but the others were not so happy. The big one that was REALLY close to us was not very happy with us. It was swaying back and forth, flaring it’s ears out, lifting it’s trunk up, and making threatening noises. We just sat there quietly till they all left. Further down the road we were stopped in our tracks and had to back up quickly! There were two rhinoceroses fighting right on the road! That was intimidating.
This morning we went to Northern Academy for vision clinic. That always is exciting. These children are great! Most of them know the Lord already so it was a matter of getting the correct prescription for them and praying for them. They are so inquisitive about us and America. Some have things going on in their lives that they are hoping to get answeres for. So much we can’t help them with, but we can always lead them to Christ. The last young lady was one of them. All I could tell her was that she has a friend in Jesus that He will never leave her.. she started to sing a song to me, “Jesus will never leave me or forsake me”. Then we prayed. By the way, her name is Angel.
So now I am very tired, need a shower, and I better do it before everyone gets back.
By the way, it’s in the high 80’s sunny and beautifuy here. Last night we had rain and a lightening storm which brought the temps down, perfect sleeping weather.
Love Judy


I made it safely! But I couldn’t figure out how to blog. I had to get another app in order to type…
The flight was good but long. The guy next to me kept elbowing me the whole time. While driving the three hours to Shikwaru we were pulled over for a random check by the African road police. Well our driver did not have the correct papers so they were going to impound the vehicle. We were still about an hour or so away. Well the driver did what they all do, bribe the police…then they let us go. Arrived at 10pm Friday.
this morning we were up at 6:30, had breakfast, did devotions, chased a 15inch blizzard, cooked, took a ride to see where they harvest the dirt they use to make bricks, checked out a few termite mounds, took a short game drive, cooked and ate the best tacos I ever had! Oh yes, can’t forget the time I spent getting this to work 🙂
They are building a few new buildings around here and at some point someone knocked out the electric out for three of the other buildings….one of which was where I am staying. But the guys on the team fixed the problem.
All is good here. It’s 9:00, and time to go to sleep. Good night!

Today is the day!

I am so glad that I am covered with the Lords protection! I was listening to the news last night about the solar storm and how it might have a effect on planes, internet and GPS.. and then there was the weather report…OK, well, God’s still in control and I know He’s got my back!

I am all ready to go and still have time to spare..that is a first! But now my mind is racing, did I get everything I need? Did I pack it all correctly so the airport won’t take anything away from me? Oh well, it is what it is right? I just know I have the important stuff with me, passport, tooth brush and a change of …well you can figure it out! I love you all! See you when I get back. Don’t forget to continue to read my blog and leave me messages!

Tues. March 6th 2012

What a day it has been! It seems like there was a surprise Blessing around every corner! I want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who have Blessed me today. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ!

The first missions trip I had gone on to SA was so amazing. I had the opportunity to lead so many to the Lord. Adults and children were eager to meet Jesus and ask  Him to be Lord of their life. I hold that time very close to my heart, and I still pray for those people. But recently I was told and even read that it was not a real commitment on their part, that they were not really saved. The only reason they went along with what I was telling them was to get “stuff”. It’s like they see the missionaries coming who have all kinds of free things to give them so they do or say what ever they think the missionaries want to hear. This has really been bothering me and my heart is hurting because of what was said. This evening as I was being prayed over, the Lord really spoke to me about how His Word will never be void. Maybe some of them did not take it seriously, maybe they did just say the words just to get something. But maybe they DID respond to the Lords calling. And maybe there is hope in their lives now. And maybe I will get to see them in heaven some day!!! I will not be discouraged or stop telling others about Jesus Christ and salvation through Him. Weather you believe me or not, the Word of God says that No one comes to the Father except through Jesus His Son!!!!

I’m about to go back to SA fully charged and ready to serve where ever the Lord wants me to serve. I’m ready to tell whoever will listen to me about the hope there is in Jesus!


February 28th, …

February 28th, I am praising God for His Grace and Mercy that He pours out on me always! I have felt the “finance burden” being lifted off my shoulders. I still have no idea how much more I need, but I feel more at peace about it. All I can say is that the more I seek Him, the more He fills me, and the more He fills me the less I worry. What a concept!

So a few days ago I realized that I had forgotten to figure out how I was going to get to and from the airport. I posted it on FB and within hours I had one of the sweetest ladies I know offer to take me! Thank you Carol!!! Then yesterday I went to the bank to exchange some American dollars to South African Rand.

It’s getting down to the nitty gritty! The 8th is arriving rapidly. I brought up the suitcases and have begun to pack!

Blessman Ministries have been supplying devotionals for their missionaries. I got min a couple years ago. They are three books, designed to be read before during and after the missions trip. I have done them before, and I pulled them out again thinking that I wouldn’t get into them or get anything out of them. Ha! God’s Word is NEVER old! It is always new! I am enjoying it as much as the first time I read it. And on the pages for “notes” I can fill up with more that I am learning and receiving from Him that is different from before. Lord I know I don’t deserve all you have for me, but I sure am glad that you love me enough to give to me what you do!


Feb.22, 2012 or…

Feb.22, 2012 or 02,22,12 that looks cooler right? I am trying very hard to not start packing yet. I leave in 15 days. It is still to early, I think, is it? I do have to confess, I am struggling with leaving everything that has to do with the financing of this trip in His hands. I am short 1847.00. I really need to be lifted up in prayer. I know that He has provided three times in the past. I know that I have struggled in the past also. And I know He is trying to teach me to let it go. So Please, pray for me to have peace about  the financial part of this trip and trust that He will provide. I have greater things to be preparing for. Thank you


February 15th, …

February 15th, Time is flying so quickly but yet slowly. I feel like I should be packing already….Just a short update on prayer requests. Continue to pray that everything about this trip will go smoothly. That God will use myself and the others on this trip in a might way to reach those who don’t know Him. Pray for good health, enthusiasm, and safety. Please also continue to pray that all the funds come in before I leave. I can’t thank you enough for covering me & this whole trip in prayer. Seriously, it is the most important part of any missions trip. I would also like to ask you to pray for the people leaving for Honduras next month and for the Pettygroves who are in training for missionaries.